Saturday, October 1, 2011

BFF (Part one)

They say thirteen is unlucky

but how can i believe that?

I was thirteen when I found you my friend.

Have the vivid memory

Me sitting on the bench,

my eyes drawn to the board,

Feeling all sad leaving the home I knew

All lost in my memories

Amidst all the sound I remember the laughter that forced me back to reality.

That’s the first time I saw you ,that’s the first I saw that naughty smile which is still there.

The journey we started then and its still intact today.

Through our school years together we went from playing sports

To talking and dreaming about future

Always remaining together

The last year of school came to an end, ,

And it was then that we both got lost in our life

Someone broke your heart and you felt I was not there for you

College was where we had the occasional calls and meet ups

Misunderstandings and distance made us more apart.

Then my heart was broken,

my life went upside down

Darkness engulfed

My life was over,

Or so it had seemed,

There you were leading the way

Love shining from your heart

(The second part will be added soon)

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