Monday, February 28, 2011

Smiling though it all.

My first picture book i remember of mine is of snow-white,

Reading and cherishing,the dwarf friends never leaving the side,

The beautiful ending with prince charming saving the day,

And thinking life is a piece of choclate.

Nobody told me then Life wont be a fairytale.

Nobody told me then there would be times it would be hard to even smile.

Nobody told me then sometimes i would be left all alone.

Nobody told me then Prince charming doesn't exist

Then life happened,Innocence dissapperared,reality striked

and then fairytale became the stories for leisure.

The day i lost my doll,

and cried my heart out.

Mom consoled,Dad bought me a new one.

Life continued to spring on me its new twists and turns.

Some were small and some were mean.

But one advice stood out all the time,

And that was grandma's words of wisdom.

Remember dear

There is going to be things you going to see

that's gonna make it hard to smile in the future.

But through whatever you see,

through all the pain,through all the greys and white

You gotta be able to smile.

Smiling though it all.

And sometimes when i forget those words

Life becomes a tragedy and darkness prevail.

Pain exceeds the status where its unbearable,

Even when its the smallest rock on the path,

It looks like a mountain,

So i know now its better to smile through the pain

As its only a gain to my soul in everyway.

Smiling though it all.