Friday, January 28, 2011


Close the eyes
And look inside oneself
Don't we all wanna do that
And When i got the chance
I grabbed it with both hands.
Closed my eyes
Veil of uncertainty draped
within me.
Needed to find the strength
within me,
Wanted to break free
Lead my life with no fear.

Soon the voice guided me
Slowly felt dark clouds within the sky of my heart,
Ready to face my fear
Ready to let it pass through me
Ready to let go.
Saw the darkest moments of my life
which had been buried and forgotten.
Felt the pain draping me within & outside
& realized darkest moments are memory
to recall for strength
Suddenly felt cold breeze engulfing within me.
I turned on my inner eye
Felt & saw the veil that had concealed
the tears of pain & despair.
Things became clear when i looked
into my heart,
For within the midst of my pain
I found the meaning of my life
Just when i thought its the end
I saw the light within me.
Only the strength within me
will guide me.
Only I will remain.

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